Optimus Craft

Epic Projects

Friendly Players

Booming Economy

Anti-Grief & Justice

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Whitelist: On

Status: Offline

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Vriendelijke Spelers

Friendly Players

All applicants are carefully inspected during the whitelisting procedure. For that reason unwanted guests can be excluded and are we able to maintain a friendly atmosphere and a helpful community.

Fantastische Projecten

Epic Projects

Players are constantly creating their wildest ideas on our server. We place great value to new creations, which bring our ultimate goal even closer: To build the world of our dreams, together!

Anti-Grief Protection


While it is rarely ever needed, our server runs state-of-the-art and the most reliable anti-griefing tools. These allow us to find and judge any corrupt players on the server, while damage is being rollbacked.

"Optimus Craft is the best Dutch Minecraft Server and Community.
Awesome events, friendly staff and marvelous creations!"

Our White-List system has proven to be effective in selecting friendly and trustworthy players only. This reduces griefing and abuse to the bare minimum. Want to join our community? Send a friendly application to our Recruit department. Most decent applicants will be added to the whitelist. We assure you that our server is worth applying for!
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